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Where is Tried – N – True Pro?

Clarksville fans are wondering when they will see their favorite wrestling stars back in the ring.

November 6th, 2019: Clarksville, TN- Independent wrestling company, Tried-N-True Pro, has been absent from the local spotlight for several months, leaving fans and the community pondering why.

With the last event taking place at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center on August 10th, 2019, things in Clarksville have been very quiet on the professional wrestling front. Tried-N-True Pro has consistently brought family-friendly entertainment to the city, approximately every three to four months for the last four years. These events have steadily brought high-quality entertainment, including a multitude of tourism dollars, to the Clarksville Montgomery County economy.

Tried-N-True Pro’s owner, Anthony Mayweather, is also a professional wrestler and veteran of the 101st Airborne Division. Mayweather started this company with the intent of providing the Clarksville community with a brand of entertainment they can call their own. While most major concerts and events pass the city over and go to Nashville, Mayweather decided to create something that would rival the big city. Mayweather has brought in major names from professional wrestling to include WWE Hall of Famers Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, and Road Warrior Animal, along with current superstars such as Jeff Hardy, Scott Steiner, and Tommy Dreamer. In January 2019, Mayweather teamed with the National Wrestling Alliance and brought Hollywood actor and wrestler David Arquette, along with platinum-selling musician Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins to Clarksville. With each event, Tried-N-True Pro has made it possible for fans to get up close and personal with celebrities they would perhaps never have a chance to meet. These events have consistently captured strong local media coverage, in addition to national media coverage from outlets such as TMZ, Daily Mail, Newsweek, and more.

However, in recent months, circumstances have changed with the relationship between Tried-N-True Pro and the Wilma Rudolph Event Center in Clarksville. As a result, Tried-N-True Pro has remained quiet regarding upcoming event announcements. Mayweather has come forward with information as to why.

“Following our previous event, Save Tonight, at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center in August, I made attempts to book the venue [Wilma Rudolph Event Center] with the intent of doing another event before year’s end to fulfill our schedule. We were denied rental not only for December but for the foreseeable future. Upon inquiry as to why, I was notified about a list of alleged infractions that ran from tape residue left on the floor to the use of a WREC ladder as part of a “risky match stunt," amongst other claims in question that I won’t disclose at this time. The Parks & Rec Staff also tried to express that not only athletes, but patrons were placed in danger. I’ve been a professional wrestler for over 10 years, and in no point in my career have I lacked respect for my fellow athletes, my fans, and certainly not the facilities that host us. I go through great measures to ensure overall safety at our events. I have reached out not only to the venue but also Mayor Joe Pitts, to attempt to resolve the situation. Mayor Pitts told me it would be January of 2020 before it could even be discussed.

Tried-N-True Pro is not just my passion, it’s my business, a source of how I provide for my family, and this affects them, along with thousands of other lives that are impacted directly by our events. Clarksville has been my home for 15 years. I started my military career here and chose to stay here and raise my family. When the concept of Tried-N-True Pro was first born, my idea was to always keep it in Clarksville FOR Clarksville, as a way to give back to the community that I love.

Tried-N-True Pro LIVE events have been not only family-friendly but budget-friendly as well. When was the last time you tried to take a family of four to a movie? How much did you spend for something that lasted a couple of hours? Aside from affordability, we’ve been providing an experience that creates memories that last a lifetime. Fans get to experience not just the entertainment of the show, but all attendees have the chance to meet and get photos with world-class athletes that you’d otherwise have no access to. We are proud of our brand. We are proud of what we bring to this community.

We are proud of the relationships that we’ve built with the local businesses that sponsor and support us. We are even more proud to be able to partner with and support local nonprofits to whom we have donated proceeds from every single event. These nonprofits include Operation Stand Down, Yellow Ribbon Fund, Precious Friends Puppy Rescue, Rae of Hope Foundation, and others. We would like to continue relationships with these nonprofits, sponsors, and ultimately our fans. However, with no immediate resolve from the Mayor’s office or Clarksville Parks & Rec, I’ve regrettably made the decision to cease promoting/running Tried-N-True Pro LIVE events in Clarksville, TN at this time. I am forced to seek other venues, in other cities, that ultimately appreciate what this brand brings to the hosting community.”

Mayweather is willing and hopes to work together with the city, the facility, and the Mayor to quickly resolve the issues preventing Tried-N-True Pro from facility rental of the Wilma Rudolph Event Center. In the interim, Mayweather is moving forward. His Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling Academy is training future athletes chasing dreams of becoming professional wrestlers. To date, over 40 men and women have walked through his academy’s doors to pursue careers in professional wrestling. Student Showcase events take place at the Sango Event Center, approximately every four months. The next Student Showcase event will be on November 22nd, 2019, featuring matches with local student-athletes that are training to be the future stars of professional wrestling. New training classes at his Academy will start in January 2020. Mayweather has also been speaking with other facilities, in other surrounding cities, booking tentative dates for the early part of 2020.

As advancements are made, updates will be posted to the Tried-N-True Pro Facebook as well as at

Inquiries should be directed to the Mayor’s office, Wilma Rudolph Event Center, or Anthony Mayweather.


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